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Tech News

Stay updated with the latest Tech News and inspiring showcases done by VICOSYS

Dislike for Facebook

Facebook is considering having  a long-awaited feature, dislike button, for its platform, however, Mark Zuckerberg said it won’t call dislike but something else.

Apple released iOS 9.0 upgrade

Apple has just released iOS 9.0, the latest OS for its iPhone, iPad and iPod. The upgrade brings a new font type, new design for multitasking, picture-in-picture video mode, split view for iPad, Siri enhancements and some news apps.   iPhone 4 or above and most of the iPad will receive the update, you can check out the details here.

Reaching the New Height – HKCEC

We are glad that the new official website of The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and satellite websites of its restaurants have been launched, which shall contribute to the development of the sector in HK. It is the first time for our team to work with the HKCEC and check out more about the project in our digital showcases.

Google’s New Logo

Google released a new logo as a part of its restructuring. They have used a new “Product Sans” as Logotype, but not Android’s Roboto.

Facebook Messenger
Your Personal Assistant on Facebook

Facebook is testing their new personal assistant feature “M” for Facebook Messenger. M will complete tasks for you, including purchases, book travel, and schedule appointments.

Android Marshmallow
M for Marshmallow

The latest Android M or 6.0 has got a sweet name “Marshmallow” finally, which may disappoint all M&M’s lovers. Google also released a final developer preview of Marshmallow, and SDKs for Android 6.0.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook makes it easier for Page Admin to private message followers

Facebook introduced a set of new features to enhance the private message communications between Pages and followers Facebook. Page Admin will be able to reply to comments on posts with private message directly, which make our life easier to answer enquiries, especially to handle complaints. Page Admin should find a new message button right next to the Like and Reply under a comment.  

Windows 10 Logo
Windows 10

Microsoft finally launched the upgrade from Windows 7/ 8 to Windows 10 today, all existing users of Windows 7/8 are entitled to a free upgrade within the first year of the launch.